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Tips on New Age Spirituality

New age is a word that includes quite a few ideas that are derived from specific resources that for hundreds of years have disputed one another. New age spirituality refers to a kind of spirituality that isn’t in the rule in the subculture that we are living in nowadays, whether or not we’re easterners or westerners, or whether or not we stay north or south of the equator it doesn’t matter. This kind of spirituality is a subculture in our central stream culture which we live on now. What classifies the main theory is the view of God, holy spirit, that if human beings and that of earth and other heavenly bodies. The primary concept in new age spirituality is the absence of creed or set of plans to agree with whereas every institutional religion has a faith to accept as true like Apostles’ Creed in Christianity.

Even though new age spirituality doesn’t mean it has no set of ideas to give to other people, it has no creed that is similar to that. And those are the believes which can be extra or less common to the several streams that are appealing or constituting the new age spirituality. The assertion of a God who’s unique from the God of recognized faiths is the second idea of the new age spirituality. A transcendent God is the one who is beyond our mind to think of and also the one who we cannot experience by our power. He is the God of the established religions such as Christianity, Islam, Hindu and other types of religions that are established worldwide.

On the other hand, God of the new age is a God with the universe, and he might be the universe itself, or even us and the universe. He is not transcendent and so we reach him by way of meditation, by yoga practices, by revelation himself and even by drugs. The third concept of the new age spirituality is the concept of the spirit. All of us accept as true that we are surrounded by means of all kinds of spirits from the Holy Spirit, angels or even soul of the departed and this make the spiritual world to be advanced more than the material world. We speak with those spirits through prayers, dreams and they have an effect on our lives, retaining our health and fortunes.

The fourth concept of the new age spirituality is the human being because he is an untapped potential of powers. This is because human being is capable of doing more things than what we see him do now like for example he discovered and utilized the power of electricity, of computers and immediate communication.

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